A Lowline Angus Cow

The rolling hills cascade off the mountains and empty into the plains. It is here on the wind swept prairie just outside of Colorado City, Colorado, that Black Nyt Lowlines is located. The pastures are abundunt with the grasses that awaken the taste buds in the Lowlines. It is here that the Lowlines live and thrive. They will be producing some of the finest beef that ever delighted the palate.

Here at Black Nyt Lowlines my goal is to raise grass fed natural beef, the way nature intended. I do not use hormones to promote growth or antibiotics and I do not feed grain. I believe that people deserve the best and that is exactly what I strive for; excellence in my beef.

I have a small operation with a limited number of animals and beef for sale. Please feel free to wander through and discover what is currently available.


Thanks for looking.