Things I Have Learned

This page is just thoughts of things that I have learned while working with my Lowlines. They teach me things I should've thought of but didn't so I guess they are sharing their wisdom with me.

Always lock the side gate on the squeeze chute after you are done using it. The heifer calves decided to "play house" with the squeeze chute. After they worked on getting the side exit open, Stella climbed in and Jazzy was giving it her best shot to close the side gate so Stella would be locked in. I now know that they cannot be trusted and I will never forget to lock it again.

When weaning your calves, always remember that no electric fence will keep the mama cow from her calf and she will barrel through it like a freight train to get back to her calf. When fixing the electric fence I thought of many ways I should've done things to avoid having to make repairs in the dark of night. I will never forget the sound that Lowline cow made thundering by the house on her way back down the hill to her calf.

There is great joy watching the face of a young 4-H'er light up when they come to get the steer calf that they are going to train and show at the fair. They have just so much excitement and look forward to raising and showing their animals. 4-H kids put so much time, effort and love into training and caring for their animals. Everybody should take time to go to the fair and see the 4-H kids show their steers or cows; the Lowlines, full size, or miniature cows of all different breeds as they are all wonderful to watch.

If you are watching and waiting for the birth of your little black calf it will not be born until the day everything goes wrong at work and you end up staying really late. Then it will be on a dark night and with the Lowline cow and calf being black as the night it will be hard to find them so you can move them where they are safe from the coyotes. Of course one of my Lowline cows wasn't showing any signs of it being time yet and it was still early according to the calendar so she went to the far end of the pasture to have her beautiful little heifer calf. I will know in the future to move them down to the smaller pasture long before their due date.